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On-Farm Projects

We're Seeking Farmer Participation!

Specific research projects are selected based on farmer priorities, funding availability, and the interests of state and national agencies.  

Phosphorus Fertility Management For -

  • Canola
  • Winter Wheat

Digital Agriculture

  • Manage N using N-reference strip.
  • On Farm Precision Experimentation.

 Soil Fertility Management for Dryland Cropping Systems

  • Evaluating on-the-go protein monitors in wheat production systems
  • Post harvest evaluation of nitrogen management.
  • Nitrogen management recommendations for winter canola in different rainfall zones
  • Reducing nitrogen loss using nitrogen inhibitors
  • Grazing/mowing winter canola for flexible planting dates, extra income, and soil health
  • Phosphorus and Zinc management recommendations for winter wheat

Soil Health and Residue Management for Dryland Cropping Systems

  • Establish soil health parameters that are in line with national standard and are meaningful for WA soils and cropping systems and build a baseline for soil health in WA agricultural land.
  • Using industry byproducts to improve soil pH, reducing soil born disease, and improving crop production.
  • Using wheat straw for biofuel production
  • Land application of byproduct of wheat straw pulping

Nutrient Management for Dairy Farms

  • Provide practical guidelines for better nutrient management
  • Provide guidelines on nutrient management planning for better manure management